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Ciampino, 17 giugno 2009


The low-cost companies, beginning from Ryanair, must resign themselves to go away from Ciampino.

As shown by the investigation of the Regional agency for the environment of the Region Lazio, according to the Italian and European laws, there is no space for them either for another air company.

Ryanair and Mr. O’Leary must understand that Italy is not a banana-republic and that even this company – as the others – must respect the limits of the acoustic pollution fixed by the law.

ARPA Lazio, according with ARPA Lombardia, after hundreds of reports by the citizens to the authorities, has intervened and has shown that in Ciampino, Marino and Rome over 14.000 citizens suffer an airport acoustic pollution, produced from the Ciampino airport, that is outlaw and dangerous for the residents’ health.

In the sourroundings of Ciampino airport, as ARPA Lazio has estabilished, it’s illegal exceed 60 aircraft movements every day.

Ten years ago ENAC and AdR had already the task to research, through the special airport board, to individualize the limits to the development of this airport.

Also on this delay we hope it will be a fast intervention by the Magistracy: 10 years ago the law fixed already to call the services conference and to solve the problem.

There are not tricks, threats or money that can be used to buy a breach of the law in a State of law.

So we ask to the Minister Matteoli to intervene immediately and to bring again legality in the State airport.

As the Mayors of Ciampino and Marino have told to the Minister, to move all the flights and to put in safety the population from it immediately is possible because the Fiumicino airport is widely able to receive them.

After having put in safety the population, it is possible to decide on what airports must operate the low-cost flights.

Ryanair is the only company that still refuses to move to Fiumicino while other companies, as Easy Jet, have started for example already to move and a lot of them are low-cost companies already operating from Fiumicino.

We are sorry for Mr. O’Leary, that shrickes and shows himself desperate, but if his company is not able to get organized as the other low-cost the citizens cannot go on to this way to their own cost.



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